"...so excited to say that the IUI was successful! "

My husband and I would like to thank Dr. Bennett, Mercedes and Kristen for the attention and care we received during our infertility treatment.

When you get married there are some things that you take for granted, in the sense that you just expect that certain things are going to happen, like getting pregnant. We came to realize after two years of nothing happening that we needed to see a specialist. We were first treated at another office and were unsuccessful after three treatments of IUI. When I would go to this office for my morning monitoring, I would be asked questions like, "What is your blood work for?" Or, "What lab are we sending your blood for analysis?" Not to mention the number of times I would be poked before they were able to draw my blood (one morning I counted eight times).

Finally, we decided to try with another doctor, so we reached out to Dr. Bennett. From the moment I called the office, Kristen was nothing but helpful. My husband and I then went on to meet Dr. Bennett and we discussed what would be the best approach for us. We decided to go forward with IVF, at which time Dr. Bennett explained the process and gave us materials to review. Shortly thereafter, I started my medication and I must admit I got a little nervous when I received the package. At first I felt overwhelmed but Dr. Bennett walked me through everything and made things clear. Unfortunately, my body did not react to the medication as we had hoped and Dr. Bennett discussed with me that it would be best to proceed with an IUI instead of IVF.

At first I was disappointed, but Dr. Bennett reminded me that this was a treatment and that, if things do not go as expected, we just needed to adjust. I was so happy when Dr. Bennett told me she did the washing and IUI in the privacy of her office. At the other office where I was treated, they would send me and my husband to another location for this procedure and the IUI was done by someone I had never seen before.

We are so excited to say that the IUI was successful! I am now 12 weeks pregnant and due the beginning of November. Today I had my 12-week sonogram and we heard the baby's heartbeat. We are so grateful to Dr. Bennett and staff. They were all so understanding, compassionate, informative and professional. Once again, thank you.*

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