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ivf success story
Hi Dr Bennett, Kristen and Mercedes.

Today I fed my daughter Madison cereal. It may not seem like a major event but for my husband and I it is just another adventure we wondered if we'd ever experience.

We had tried on our own to get pregnant for a little over a year and then consulted with my OB/GYN. After a few months of trying under her care we were recommended to WRM. It took a few weeks for me to get the courage to call, I had to deal with the fact that having a child wasn't going to happen on it's own. I got a sense of calm as soon as I spoke to Kristen on the phone the first time. The apooinment was set and our journey was about to begin.

After meeting with Dr. Bennett and going over the medical history my husband and I, we left the office feeling a little nervous and very excited. We were finally on our way. After beginning treatment, doing lots of bloodwork and monitoring we had an IUI on Feb 19 2010. I remember feeling so excited that morning, I just knew something special was going to happen. And then two weeks later it was confirmed, I was pregnant. I know that it's not very often that a pregnany is acheived so soon after treatment begins and I feel that it is truly because of the treatment and monitering that I received at WRM. Between the early morning bloods (Mercedes and Kristen are the best with needles!) to the ultrasounds there was such a sense of calm about the whole process.

Several weeks later I was dismissed to back into the care of my regular OB. That was one of the sadder days of my pregnancy. Everyone at WRM had become such a part of our life and then to be sent off was very saddening. The only consolation that I gave myself was that your care was then being spent on making someones else's miracle come true.

On November 13 (the actual due date!) I gave birth to our daughter Madison Rose. She is the joy of our lives. I will never forget what you did for us. You made our lives have a new meaning and brought us a love that we never imagined possible.

If there is anything that I could say to anyone contemplating taking this step it's this:
Everyday holds the possiblitly of a miracle. And Dr Bennett and staff help to create that miracle. Nobody ever signs up to have fertility issues, we all just think that it will happen, well sometimes it doesn't and you need some help. And that's why Dr Bennett is here. She is the help that we need, and she will do her best to make your dreams come true.

We'll be in touch soon, Maddy's already thinking about a little sister or brother!*

With thanks,
Christine & Jason Gregory

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