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"I found Dr. Bennett, who specializes in PCOS."

My name is BC and I am the eternal ostrich. Whenever there is something wrong in my life, I like to stick my head in the sand and hope it will just go away. Having had irregular menstrual cycles for the best part of ten years, by September 2005, when my husband and decided to try to have children, I figured it was time I face the music and see what might be causing my problem.

I had thought that perhaps I had PCOS and, in surfing the Internet and researching the disease, found Dr. Bennett, who specializes in PCOS. I also asked my gynecologist to refer me to some infertility clinics and she gave me the name of two. One of them was a group practice in NYC where Dr. Bennett practiced at the time. I figured it
was fate.

My first visit to her office took about two hours. I was impressed by Dr. Bennett's professionalism, courtesy and general caring manner. To me, this is equally as important as reputation and success rates, as I have had the experience far too often of being just another in a sea of faces. Furthermore, for anyone suspecting even for a moment that they might not be able to have children, a realistic, respectful and sensitive doctor makes all the difference. She did a full work up and ordered some further tests including sending me for an MRI of the pituitary. As it turned out, I had a small prolactinoma which was causing my prolactin level to be too high and consequently inhibiting menstruation. She started me on mediation right away. I was very surprised and delighted when my cycle returned to normal after only six weeks.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Bennett opened her practice in Westchester. Even if I did not live in Westchester, I would have followed her. By January of 2006, I was pregnant with my son. He is now two years old and is the light of our lives. I continued to see Dr. Bennett for the first eight weeks or so of my pregnancy and truly felt like I was her only patient. She very carefully monitored the initial stages of my pregnancy, from scans to blood tests, checking in with me frequently, even on weekends. She just recently officially "signed me over" to my obstetrician for this pregnancy, currently 12 weeks along.

In closing, all doctors are not created equal and do not work alone. Thanks to the environment and the team Dr. Bennett has created – from friendly and caring administrative staff (Kristin) to personable nurses to efficient labs – she has made her practice a stellar one and I wish her continued success.*

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