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"Overwhelmingly, Dr. Bennett was the most highly recommended doctor...."

ivf success story
At first glance, any man might be hesitant to write a testimonial about his experience with infertility. So highly personal in nature, the associated embarrassment and expectations of family and friends make it easy to be "quietly grateful" for our success story.

But as my wife and I look forward with anticipation to the birth of our first child, I am compelled to proudly tell people about our journey to date. Dr. Rachel Bennett has shared a wonderful talent with my wife and I that we will be eternally grateful for and hopefully our story may inspire other couples like ourselves to persevere in achieving their dream of creating a family.

After nearly two frustrating years of unexplained infertility, my wife and I were discouraged that our dream of having a child would ever be realized. Dealing with the emotional and physically draining rollercoaster ride of diagnostic tests, fertility drugs and failed AI procedure attempts left us feeling hopeless and apprehensive about the whole process. Even more so as we were now entering our forties.

As a maternity registered nurse at the local hospital's birthing center, my wife was bombarded with guidance and recommendations for fertility specialists. Overwhelmingly, Dr. Bennett was the most highly recommended doctor.

From the initial consultation, Dr. Bennett answered our questions patiently and in detail without seeming too clinical. My wife and I felt very informed but not overwhelmed. Dr. Bennett was professionally straightforward in explaining the process and treatment, yet she conveyed it in a way that showed a genuine concern that my wife and I found comforting. This is what distinguishes Dr. Bennett from her peers. She made the journey seem more bearable and we felt more positive. She did not offer us any guarantees but she gave us hope.

I believe that the key to our successful pregnancy was the extremely personalized attention that my wife received. Dr. Bennett had a way of making us feel like we were her only patients. She was always available and responsive to our needs. She opened up her office on Rosh Hashanah in order to accommodate our procedure's time sensitive schedule.

When we found out that we were pregnant, Dr. Bennett shared our tears of joy and our "cautiously optimistic" concern. She is as excited and hopeful for our future as we are. She continues to be supportive and checks in on us unilaterally even as her "mission" is complete. As we approach our twenty-second week of pregnancy (June 17 due date), we are thrilled to find out that we are having a girl! Words can only begin to express the gratitude for the wonderful "Father's Day" gift that Dr. Bennett has given us.

Dr. Rachel Bennett came highly recommended to us and will be highly recommended by us.*


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