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"Words cannot express how highly we recommend her for the IVF process"

ivf success story
After a year or so of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts and then determining that I had a fertility issue, my wife Shannon and I decided to see an IVF specialist. We were directed to Dr. Rachel Bennett by the fertility doctor I was seeing.

She came highly recommended with a high success rate and so we set up an appointment and went to visit her in May 2008.

Our first visit was very extensive and we felt completely informed and very comfortable after spending nearly 3 hours with Dr. Bennett. She is very thorough and professional in her approach, yet understands how sensitive and emotionally challenging this can be for people so desperately trying to conceive a child. Being that I am 42 years old and my wife is 35, we felt that we needed to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later and decided to move forward immediately with the IVF process. Dr. Bennett determined all of the medications that Shannon would need to increase her egg production over the next month or so and outlined when and how the entire process would work, from egg retrieval, to fertilization of the embryos, to reinsertion of the embryos. We left her office that day feeling very much like we had taken a huge step in the right direction and that we now had a plan.

We immediately ordered all of the medications and applied for the financing that is available. Kristin, from Dr. Bennett's office, was extremely patient in helping us get the best price for the medications and making sure our financing paperwork was submitted properly. She is fabulous and showed genuine concern for our situation whenever we had an office visit or called her with a question.

Over the following 6-8 weeks, Dr. Bennett monitored Shannon's blood to make sure she had the right levels of hormones in her as a result of the injections she had prescribed. When the day came for the egg retrieval, we went to the NYC medical facility where Dr. Bennett performs the retrievals, fertilizations and re-insertions. It is a top-notch facility and we were treated very well by the staff of people on hand. Dr. Bennett and her medical assistants made us feel extremely comfortable.

As Dr. Bennett had previously informed us, Shannon produced multiple eggs as a result of the hormone shots we had been injecting her with leading up to the retrieval. 11 eggs were retrieved, of which 5 had matured. 4 out of the 5 retrieved wound up being good enough for fertilization. 3 out of the 4 embryos that were fertilized wound up developing well enough for reinsertion. All 3 fertilized embryos were reinserted into my wife's uterus a couple of days after fertilization. Dr. Bennett was straightforward and honest in telling us that even though the fertilized embryos looked good and were developing properly, there was still just a 30-40% chance that we would be successful in achieving pregnancy on this first attempt.

Today, we are very pleased to say that my wife is now 3 months pregnant with one baby and we are ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy. We realize there are still no guarantees and that there is a long road ahead of us but we could not have gotten to where we are today without the help of Dr. Bennett. We now know that it IS possible for us to have children and for that we are eternally grateful to her. Words cannot express how highly we recommend her and her staff for the IVF process. These are truly amazing people.*

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