Kristen Buehl

"...trying to conceive for three years before seeking the help of a fertility doctor..."

My husband Matthew and I were trying to conceive for three years before seeking the help of a fertility doctor. I was a little wary about taking such a big step, especially since I was so young. At the time I was 23 years old. No one takes you seriously when you are 23. People always said, "Oh, you're so young and you have so much time to have a baby. Don't stress yourself." I was so tired of hearing that. Dr. Bennett didn't tell us that once. At our first visit she really listened to us. She spent over two hours with us and explained all of our options to us. We were the only patients in the office at our appointment, we never felt rushed, and we felt very comfortable with her.

Our infertility is considered "unexplained" (which means that there is nothing obviously "wrong" with us to be causing the infertility). We went right into treatment and even though I was doing many injections each night, she assured me that everything was fine and I felt very confident in the care I was receiving. I got pregnant during my third insemination cycle, but unfortunately I miscarried because the pregnancy was ectopic. Dr. Bennett followed me very closely and took great care of me during this tough time. The very next cycle I conceived again but miscarried due to a biochemical pregnancy. I was just happy that I was able to get pregnant.

I now work with Dr. Bennett as her office manager. She is a great boss and now I see her patient care from another standpoint. Everyone leaves the office happy. I've learned so much working with her and being a patient under her care that, in the near future, I may go to school and study in this field.

I am happy to report that I am now in my second trimester! She followed me very closely during the first trimester and I am happy to say that my little baby is VERY active. I am so overjoyed that my hubby and I are finally pregnant after over four years of infertility. We couldn't have done it without the help of Dr. Bennett!

Addendum: 5/13/2009
Our son Aiden Matthew was born March 17, 2009 (St. Patricks Day!) at 11:48 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz. and was 19.5 inches. He is absolutely gorgeous! He has a full head of reddish brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen! The delivery wasn't so much fun but it's all worth it in the end! He is such a great baby! And he cracks me up every time he smiles and laughs. If it weren't for Dr. Bennett, we wouldn't have our little miracle.*

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