Kimberly Manzi

"My first attempt with Dr. Bennett was successful..."

ivf success story
We consider ourselves lucky to have found Dr. Bennett after several years of infertility. My husband and I had gone through 3 IUI cycles and 4 IVF cycles with other fertility specialists in the area. We had exhausted our insurance coverage and tapped into the equity in our home to afford to continue treatment. Finally, I came across Dr. Bennett's website and something urged me to call her. After seven failed attempts with other doctors, my first attempt with Dr. Bennett was successful. We had finally found the most knowledgeable and caring doctor I have ever met, and we are now expecting our child this summer 2008.

When I called Dr. Bennett's office, I was able to speak with her the same day for a 30-minute phone consultation. We spoke about my prior cycles and how she would think of trying things a little differently. I also followed up with her via email and she promptly responded to my questions. After seeing how accessible she was for her patients, I knew I should set up a formal office consultation with her and have her review my medical records and prior cycles.

During my consultation, Dr. Bennett spent a lot of time with me reviewing my case. We reviewed all of my medical records and prior infertility history. She genuinely cared about me as a person and her attention was completely focused on me and how we would proceed. Since our insurance coverage for infertility had been exhausted, one of our primary concerns was how we could afford to try again. Together we worked through a plan and her office helped us work through any financial issues we had.

During my cycle, the monitoring was made simple by scheduling appointments. I never had to wait in a waiting room for longer than 5 minutes. Since Dr. Bennett schedules all of her appointments, the monitoring caused me no stress at all. It is perfect to have her undivided attention during your ultrasound scans and blood work, so you can ask her any questions as they come to mind without feeling rushed. We were extremely happy that we switched to Dr. Bennett's office. She was warm and friendly, something we did not experience at the prior offices. We certainly felt like a number in a factory with the other places, but Dr. Bennett's office was the complete opposite and the least stressful experience I've had. The care that I received was outstanding and the encouragement that I was given was above and beyond anything that I expected.

We could never possibly thank Dr. Bennett enough for her kind assistance, expertise and the compassion that was shown to us by her and her staff during our treatment. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for this miracle that has changed our lives and we owe our success to her. We will continue to keep her and her staff in our prayers and hope that she can help many others achieve the miracle of a baby as she did with us.*

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