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Soon after I married my husband in 2009, he had a vasectomy reversal. We wanted to start our new family and when the surgery was declared successful, we thought the hard part was over. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I had an irregular cycle, but otherwise no health problems and getting pregnant should have been easy. I was only 27 and didn't think infertility could really affect someone my age. However, month after month I had negative pregnancy tests. I was heartbroken.

After a year, my OB-GYN put me on Clomid in an attempt to normalize my cycle. I also started going to an acupuncturist. While my period became predictable, I still wasn't pregnant. My OB-GYN tried three cycles of IUI - all of which failed. I was becoming increasingly frustrated, angry and sad.

The hardest part for me was that I had no answers and didn't even know if I could ever be pregnant. I felt like I was running in circles.

After two years, we went to see Dr. Bennett. She did a full workup on both my husband and I unlike any we'd had up to this point. We still had no answers, but she had some suspicions, and more importantly, a plan.

We started with an IUI cycle, planning to eventually try IVF. Immediately it was different. Dr. Bennett monitored me much more closely than my OB-GYN had. With such a small office, I really felt like everyone was rooting for me. It was tough. I had to drive an hour each way 2-3 times a weeks and I had to take a lot of time off of work to do it. My husband and I even got a hotel room so we could be nearby on the morning of the procedure. Even with all of this, I still expected nothing of that IU cycle. After all, three previous IUI cycles had failed - why should this one be any different?

Two weeks later, when Dr. Bennett called me to say that the test was positive, I could hardly believe it. She gave me more instructions during that call, but I had to call back later to find out what they were. I was so happy that I couldn't think!

Our son, Logan was born in October 2012 at albs 10 oz! He's now two months old and I can hardly remember life without him. I am so thankful Dr. Bennett and the whole office at Westchester Reproductive Medicine for my perfect little man!*

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