Donna Mitchell

"I achieved a successful pregnancy on the second try."

As I sit here gazing into the face of my beautiful new baby boy, I look back upon the journey that brought us here.
After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to get pregnant, it was recommended to me that I see an infertility specialist. I shook with tears as I felt the path that lay ahead seemed insurmountable. I began by calling several reproductive endocrinologists. The first one told me that they had an appointment opening in 2 months, another took days to call me back, while several others never called me back at all. Then I called Dr. Bennett's office and was immediately greeted by a very friendly voice. Being all nerves, such a warm reception immediately put me at ease. I was able to make an appointment for the next business day.

Upon meeting Dr. Bennett, I was greeted by a very positive outlook. She laid out the steps we would take to achieve a pregnancy. What really worked for me about this practice was the very personal attention. It wasn't a big operation that you got lost in. The many days I went in over the next couple of months, the staff began to feel like family. One really felt that they supported you and cheered you on. I achieved a successful pregnancy on the second try and will be eternally grateful for the role that Dr. Bennett willingly played in the most important event in my life!*

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