Maria Rivera

"She told us about the different types of fertility problems..."

My name is Maria. When my husband Steven and I decided to start a family we had a lot of complications. We tried for many years to have a baby with no luck. We went to doctors and had all sorts of tests and procedures. The doctors could not figure out what the problem was. Then we met Dr. Rachel Bennett.

The first time we went to Dr. Bennett she told us about the different types of fertility problems that a couple could encounter. We thought that we would never know the joy of having a family. I cried every night for a long time. We continued to see Dr. Bennett and follow her instructions as far as fertility drugs and having consistent blood work. The first time we tried IUI the result was negative. We were so heart broken. I told my husband I was going to give up. I couldn't bear to hear that again. He told me not to give up and that we would try a few more times.

The next time we tried the procedure she increased the medications. We went and had the procedure done again and went home for the next two weeks with nothing else on our minds. She then did a pregnancy test and we waited. I will never forget the day we found out that the test was positive. I could not stop screaming and crying. The nurse asked me if I was okay. My husband came running from the other room and when I shook my head yes while still on the phone, he gave me the biggest hug and said, "I told you not to give up." The feeling was so overwhelming we couldn't wait to tell our families.

In 2004, we had our first daughter. In 2006 we decided to try again and went to another facility which just kept taking our money and giving me the same dose of medications with no change. I then went to Dr. Bennett again. She understands her patients and that it's not about the money. It's about making her patients' dreams come true. With her compassion and expertise, we had another daughter in 2006. For the rest of our lives, we could not be more grateful to Dr. Bennett and all the support she gave us through the years. I will always remember that, because of her, we have the family that we always wanted.*

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