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Dr. Ann Crane
WRM works closely with psychologist Ann Crane, who specializes in infertility.
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It's natural to feel sad, isolated, angry or depressed when experiencing fertility problems. To help you cope with these feelings, we're proud to have psychologist Ann Crane on our team. A highly compassionate and experienced mental health professional, Dr. Crane specializes in helping women and couples with these issues.

The psychological impact on you.

Psychologically, infertility can be devastating – as stressful for women as coping with illnesses like cancer, HIV and chronic pain, according to some research. You may experience many feelings: A sense of loss. Anger toward life or jealousy toward other parents. Shame that you're inadequate. Helplessness at your lack of control. Great sadness when your hopes aren't realized. Talking through these feelings with a professional, and learning ways to cope, can help immeasurably.

The impact on your relationship.

Adding to the deeply personal pain you may be experiencing is the strain that infertility can put on a relationship. Common sources of division include financial stress, fear of your partner abandoning you, arguments over which treatment to follow, and tension in your sex life. Again, talking to a professional can be a great source of relief.

Ways to cope with infertility.

In addition to counseling, there are other helpful ways to manage the emotional side of infertility, including patient support groups (online or off), acupuncture, yoga and relaxation techniques.

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