"...we wanted to give artificial insemination a try..."

This is my success story, all due to Westchester Reproductive Medicine. I am now pregnant and expecting in April 2009. My adventure with trying to have a baby began as soon as my husband and I got engaged. Since I was 34 and he was 38 at that time, we figured no time like the present to try. After speaking with my OB/GYN about what to do to help increase the chance of pregnancy, we did everything he said. No luck came.

After getting married, we continued to try for another year, but again, no luck. So after two years of trying, my OB/GYN referred me to Dr. Rachel Bennett of Westchester Reproductive Medicine. I was getting worried and felt like time might be against me since it was two years later now and I was 36 years old.

My first appointment was in February 2008 with an initial consultation. Some testing was done – i.e., blood work and ultra sound, and Dr. Bennett spoke about infertility and methods to help one get pregnant. I left her office feeling inspired and she left no question unanswered. I left her office knowing exactly what procedure she was going to do and how she was going to handle my situation.

My husband and I agreed that we wanted to give artificial insemination a try. Dr. Bennett got right to the point and prescribed a fertility drug. After taking the drugs as prescribed, we found that, unfortunately, my body did not react to the drug the way we had hoped. I only produced one follicle, but one is sometimes all it takes so we went through with the artificial insemination. I had put in so much effort up to that point that I thought it was worth a try. Unfortunately, we had no luck. So, Dr. Bennett then took a different course of treatment with different drugs. My body reacted much better and I produced four follicles, which increased my chances of getting pregnant tremendously. In July of 2008, to my husband's and my delight, the artificial insemination this time was a success.

Dr. Bennett and her staff are so kind, friendly, professional and thorough. I always felt I could talk openly and freely about any concerns I had, whether about medical procedures or insurance issues. I would highly recommend Westchester Reproductive Medicine to anyone having difficulty conceiving.

Thank you Dr. Bennett and staff for making our dreams come true.*

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